Credit Transfers

Credit Transfer Information

At ARV Canada College, we allow students to transfer credits from other equivalent programs in recognized institutions. Such program credits can be put towards the advancement and completion of equivalent programs at ARV Canada College.

Credit Transfer Assessment:

In order to transfer credits, the student must provide proof of completion in a recognized equivalent program from a recognized institution. The students must pay the requisite fees for credit transfer as per provisions of Prior Learning/ Advanced Standing Credit. The credits can be granted for a maximum limit of 30% of any concerned program. Any course granted such credit will reflect “CR” in the final transcript of marks. Credits earned through Advanced standing are not transferable to other colleges or educational institutions.

Credit Transfer Application:

ARV Canada College must receive credit transfer application prior to registration. The program fee and duration are adjusted accordingly once the credit is granted in favor of the student. You can contact our admission representative regarding any criteria for advanced standing credit. While the Admissions Representative is the person most involved with assessing prospective students, all credit transfer applications will have to be approved by the campus director, who has the final authority in approving college applications.