ARV Canada College strives to help students focus on career interests and meet the demands of an ever-changing labour market. At ARV Canada College, we recognize the increasingly complex and changing expectations of the job market in Canada and around the world. Our goal is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and training necessary to start successful and fulfilling careers. ARV Canada College currently provides Diploma and Certificate programs to meet the educational needs of students. Our curriculum emphasizes teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking and is built on the bedrock of practical hands-on learning. For more information on our programs, click on the Programs and Training tab above. At ARV Canada College, we strive to provide comprehensive and content-rich instructional resources that encourage effective learning and accumulation of theoretical and practical knowledge. To cite an instance, in the business administration program, we are focused on Canadian Business Law, Business Entrepreneurship, Wealth and Profit Building along with Small Business Operations.

We provide a very supportive learning environment for aspiring candidates who seek specialized education. All our programs are industry-centric and are targeted to enhance the skill-sets of students. We cultivate an environment that helps students utilize their potential and ensures fulfilling employment opportunities. Our faculty is well-trained, highly educated and very experienced, as per established industry norms. 

At present, we offer academic programs at the Certificate and Diploma level for various industry-oriented subjects. We expect to gradually diversify into offering other academic programs in the future. With highly qualified and experienced faculty, we ensure a dynamic learning environment that facilitates skill development for competent individuals in the age group of 19 plus.

We provide you:

  • Highly educated and experienced faculty with industry experience
  • A disciplined campus that follows a strict code of conduct
  • Industry-oriented programs targeted at  skill development and competency- building
  •  A highly supportive academic environment
  •  A secure campus with restricted entry for strangers
  • Technology-based learning management systems
  • Competent management for the smooth running of our academic calendar
  • Quality management protocols

We welcome you to explore new possibilities for your career advancement at ARV Canada College. Join us today to find out more about the options available for improving your qualifications for specific career tracks.